FORMER assistant printer to Oxford University Richard Russell joined 60 guests at the opening of the revamped OUP museum.

The attraction at the Walton Street street building brings in about 3,000 people a year.

But staff wanted more visitors to see the publishing industry exhibits and a six-figure sum was spent on a revamp.

Mr Russell, pictured, officially opened the refubished museum on Monday in front of guests including Lord Mayor Alan Armitage.

Mr Russell said: “I am delighted that our printing heritage has been so well presented in this new museum.”

The attraction, first created in the 1990s, includes displays on OUP buildings, types dating back to the 17th century, Lewis Carroll ’s Alice in Wonderland and the Oxford English Dictionary.

It also features printing equipment, a 19th century printing press, and access to OUP’s latest publications online.

The refurbishment includes new activity stations, cases and panels and the museum is open from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

All visitors are joined by a member of staff and anyone wishing to visit the museum must book a time slot in advance.

l To arrange a trip to the museum, which has an entrance in Great Clarendon Street, visit the website or ring 01865 353527.