RAW sewage was spewing out of a drain in North Oxford for more than 24 hours.

Residents in Islip Road were faced with the foul-smelling stream of sewage on Sunday afternoon and called for Thames Water to fix the problem.

By noon yesterday it was still flowing from the drain, close to the Oxo’s store.

Chris Harris lives just along the road from the leak.

He said: “There was a lorry there on Sunday evening, but he just cleared off and it was still coming out.

“I have just come back from taking the dog for a walk and it is still there.

“The kiddies go to school that way. It is not very nice at all.”

Thames Water last night said it had fixed the problem and apologised to residents.

A spokesman said: “We were alerted to a blockage on Islip Road on Sunday and found the blockage was caused by a build-up of fats, oils and grease which clump together once they have been poured down the drains and form what we call ‘fat-bergs’.

“These clog-up the sewer.

“We have jetted the line to make sure it is now clear.

“We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this and a crew will attend to clean up the mess.

“We remind our customers that when it comes to anything other than water, human waste or toilet roll, bin it, don’t block it.”