THEY spent the majority of their working life together, got married on the same day 50 years ago, and have now celebrated their golden wedding anniversary together.

Former Oxford city policemen Roger Tucker and Alan Miller, who both wed on September 8, 1962, even had neighbouring collar numbers, 58 and 57, respectively.

Mr Tucker, former chairman of Oxford City Police Association, and his wife Joyce, both 71, were treated to a party in Yarnton Village Hall on Saturday.

And Alan Miller and wife Wendy were comfortably seated at a neighbouring table so they could all share their big celebration together.

Mr Tucker, of Kidlington, said: “We had 90 odd guests including eight ex-police officers. It was lovely.”

He joked: “I’d say we had more police in that room than there are out on beat in Oxford.”

The friends married by coincidence on the same day but it has become a source of amusement for the four since.

And they made sure they were all together for the golden wedding celebration.

Mrs Tucker added: “Roger and Alan have known each other most of their working life so we thought it’d be nice.”

The couple, who married at Wootton Methodist Church and have five grandchildren, put their long time together to ‘give and take’.

Mr Tucker said: “When I first saw Joyce I thought she was just smashing.

“I even remember what she was wearing. It was a very pale lilac dress and beige heels.

“I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I will always remember how she looked that day.”

Mrs Tucker added: “I’m impressed he remembers because he doesn’t remember what he had for breakfast.

“I don’t remember what he was wearing, though I thought he was very good looking.

“I think the secret to a happy marriage is just give and take.

“I think we have been together so long because we tolerate each other.“