A FLASHER who “will not or cannot stop exposing himself” has been jailed again for being naked in central Oxford.

John Bustin has 24 sexual offences to his name dating back to 1984, and has been jailed eight times for exposure or outraging public decency.

He was locked up again at Oxford Crown Court on Monday after admitting exposure, breaching his Antisocial behaviour order and breaching a suspended sentence.

The 48-year-old, of Coleridge Close, Cowley, was spotted with his trousers around his knees close to Oxford Ice Rink at about 2.20pm on August 10.

Tim Boswell, prosecuting, said: “A police community support officer saw Mr Bustin walking towards him with his trousers pulled down resting on his knees.

“When he saw the Pcso he quickly turned to his side and pulled them up.”

Mr Boswell said Bustin told the officer: “**** off, I was having a pee. Leave me alone.

“You haven’t seen anything.”

Bustin was given an Asbo in October 2010 in attempt to curb his behaviour after performing a sex act in front of a mother and her daughter in Cowley.

That offence was committed just three days after he was given a supervision order for exposing himself to two teenage girls a month earlier.

He was sentenced for similar offences in 2002, 2005, three times in 2006, three times in 2007, once in 2008 and twice in 2010.

The Asbo, which will continue to be in force, prevents Bustin from exposing his genitals in a public place other than in a public convenience and only then for the sole purpose of using such facilities, and being in a state of indecent undress in public view.

Matt Rowcliffe, defending, said his client had a “deep-seated problem” but that his latest offence was “not the most serious imaginable”.

He said Bustin had previously completed all but three days of a three-week sex offender treatment programme.

Judge Mary Jane Mowat, who called Bustin “just incorrigible”, jailed him for a total of 15 months and ordered he re-sign the sex offender register for an extra 10 years.

She said: “You have had about half a dozen community orders, about half a dozen short prison sentences, but nothing has stopped you.

“Attempts have been made to stop you, but you will not, or cannot, stop exposing yourself.

“The only thing the court can do is keep you off the streets for as long as possible, so the public are not bothered by it.”