DAD Mark Palmer has told how he was forced to throw himself in front of an out-of-control car to save the lives of his three children.

The Rose Hill resident said he could not believe no-one had been arrested for the crash at Oxford’s Heyford Hill roundabout.

Mr Palmer, from Radford Close, was hit by the car while walking on the pavement on the way home from a shopping trip to Sainsbury’s on Saturday.

The 34-year-old, who works for a cleaning company, and his friend Charlie Fisher had taken the three youngsters to the store when the car span out of control and hit them.

His children were left with cuts, grazes and bruising after being thrown back into the nearby bushes while Mr Palmer was hit in the face by the grey Ford Focus as it mounted the footpath.

Mr Palmer said: “We are back at home now and trying to get back to normal, but I cannot sleep and I keep seeing the accident at night.

“I am quite frustrated that nobody has been arrested for this.”

The crash took place by the slip road to the roundabout at 7.30pm, but by Tuesday no arrests had been made.

Last night Thames Valley Police could not say whether anyone had been arrested since.

After the crash, the driver, a man, was initially said to be helping police with their inquiries.

Mr Palmer said: “We were hit by the side of the car which must have been going at between 40 and 50 miles per hour.

“I threw myself between the car and the children and it hit me in the face. I wasn’t worried about myself.

“Charlie did the same and he took the car in his chest. Charlie saved my daughter, and I owe him my life for what he did for my children.”

After the car eventually stopped in the bushes, Mr Palmer picked himself up and checked on his children before worrying about his own injuries.

“I was more worried about my children than about my own safety,” he said.

Mr Palmer added: “It was hammering it down with rain and anyone who is driving should know the conditions are very different when it is raining.”

Mr Fisher, 24, from Berinsfield, said: “I have not got children myself but I am sure Mark would have done the same thing in my position.

“You don’t really have time to think in that situation, you just act. If I die saving a child’s life that’s a pretty good way to go.

“I am still a bit shocked about it and have not slept very much since Saturday.”

Three-year-old Logan was left with grazes to his face, four-year-old Kitlyn has bruises on her head, and nine-year-old Chloe, who goes to Rose Hill Primary School, has bruises on her back and legs.

They were taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital on Saturday evening and did not leave until Sunday afternoon. Though Mr Palmer was discharged earlier he stayed to be with his children.

Mr Fisher was not taken to hospital at first but then went on Sunday.

Thames Valley Police has described the accident as a “minor injury collision” after being given information by the hospital.

In law, a person is driving carelessly when their driving falls “below the minimum acceptable standard expected of a competent and careful driver”.

A dangerous driver is someone whose driving falls “far below” this standard and whose driving would be obviously dangerous to a “competent and careful driver”.