A MUM has called for dangerous dog laws to be changed after her baby daughter was attacked by a Yorkshire terrier.

Fifteen month old Liana Lindsey was attacked by her mum’s friend’s dog in Headington last month. She suffered bites and cuts to her face.

But police have told her mum Angela Turner there is nothing they can do as the incident happened in a private place.

The mum-of-five, from Yarnton, said: “Any dog that bites, regardless of where, should be put down.”

The attack happened in the garden at about 6.20pm when her daughter was sitting on the ground.

The two-year-old dog has now been given away.

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, an owner can only be prosecuted if they allow a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place or in a private place where it is not allowed to be.

Miss Turner, 29, said: “It’s annoying that nothing has been done because it didn’t happen in a public place.

“It was traumatising. As a parent I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that. If she had provoked him then fair enough, but she didn’t go near it. We are lucky it was not a bigger dog.”

Miss Turner and her partner Carl Lindsey, 23, are now looking to rehome their two American bulldogs.

Miss Turner said: “We don’t want to run the risk of this happening again.

“If it was one of them that had gone for her there would be nothing left.

“Nothing is worth more to you than the baby.”

A chihuahua was killed by a Staffordshire terrier-type dog in Witney town centre on August 20.

And in February mum Belinda Wyeth calls for laws to go further after police were powerless to act when her five-year-old daughter was scarred in an attack by a border collie in a Bicester home.

Last September, Didcot grandmother Lorraine Harling called for laws to change after her Yorkshire Terrier was killed by a neighbour’s dog in a private garden.