A SPECIAL map showing Oxford’s one-way streets is available to visitors to the city for the first time.

Although one-way streets are marked on Ordnance Survey maps, a document showing exactly which routes to follow to avoid dead-ends was not available from tourism advisers.

But IT officers at County Hall sprang into action after comments from residents, through city and county councillor Jean Fooks.

She said: “One of my constituents told me that such a map did not exist, so I spoke to the city council, and they said they didn’t have one, then I spoke to the county council, and they said it was a good idea.

“The map shows the city centre and the one-way and pedestrian streets to help people who are told to go to such-and-such a hotel. I have asked them to pass it on to the tourist information so they can print it out to give it to people.”

Ms Fooks said she was delighted with the way the comments had been handled by staff at County Hall.

She said: “They were so helpful, and worked very hard.”

  • The map is currently available to download from the website oxfordshire.gov.uk