TEAM GB failed to win a single medal in the archery at this year’s Olympics, but these apprentice archers might just win back our pride in 2016.

Ethan Cudlip, 10, and Fintan Brian, nine, were stretching their bow strings on Monday as part of a wilderness survival course just off Binsey Lane, Oxford.

Manse Ahmad, chief instructor at the Wilderness Pioneers summer school, said: “Our main focus is really educational but fun at the same time, teaching them about woodlands and the natural environment, rather than boring lessons in school.

“As a teacher what we have found is kids are basically quite alienated from the natural environment.

“Bushcraft teaches them how to reconnect with the environment.”

The pioneers also looked at plants with medicinal uses and learnt how to coppice woods as a reusable source of firewood.

Ethan, 10, from Oxford, said: “First we put up a parachute which was a tent, it was really fun, then we did knife skills. There were saws and we cut down branches from a tree and made spears out of them.

“The archery was quite fun. I was quite good at it for a first time”