IT’S hard to imagine a more stressful profession than medicine. So it’s no surprise doctors and nurses want to let off a little steam out of work. One Oxford doctor though, has found a rather unusual way of doing it. By day Tim Child is a busy senior consultant in Oxford, but by night he fronts a rock band.

A director at the Oxford Fertility Clinic in Cowley, the appropriately named Dr Child is also lead singer and guitarist in his band Mo-Mojo.

He said: “It is just so completely different from the stress and strains of a busy medical job.”

The 44-year-old consultant has worked in Oxford since 1994.

He’s not the only medical practitioner in the group though. Other band members include consultant anesthetist and former Oxford resident Simon Tunstill, a saxophonist and keyboard player.

And the guitarist is Kevin Smith, a consultant gynaecologist and another former Oxford resident. The group usually play rock cover versions, including Rock the Casbah by The Clash and Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns ‘n’ Roses.

It’s not just for fun though, as over the years the Mo-Mojo have raised more than £5,000 for cancer charities from gigs. The musicians rehearse every week, but Dr Child said playing live was difficult as they were often on call.

He said: “For all of us have a passion for music and for us it is the main relaxation and hobby away from work.

“We never miss a rehearsal. We always love the buzz we get when you are playing live music.”

Dr Child is a father of three from Kidlington.

In his day job he spends time in clinics with patients, carrying out surgery or teaching students.

He said colleagues and students often came to see him play, adding: “Some of the trainee doctors and students come along to some of the gigs.

“I think they find it surprising that a usually serious looking senior consultant dresses in black and does his rock persona at the weekend and there is a wry smile on their faces.”