AUGUST 12 has always been a day of triple celebrations for Alice Herbert.

And yesterday she also celebrated triple figures, as she turned 100, surrounded by family at her home in St Luke’s Road.

As well as it being her birthday, August 12, 1939, was also the day she got married and moved into the then-new-build home in Cowley with her husband of only a few hours, Arthur.

Mrs Herbert is now the only original resident still living in the street and yesterday, as she turned 100, she said: “I’m pleased to reach this age and still be here and functioning.”

Her family brought her a cake, a bottle of bubbly, and cooked her dinner to mark the occasion.

Alice Tedder, as she was, was born in Dale Street, St Ebbe’s, on August 12, 1912.

She had four sisters and two brothers, and the family ran a bottling plant in the city.

She moved to Charles Street in the mid 1930s, where she met Arthur, who was living two doors down.

While her husband fought in the Second World War with the Royal Air Force, Mrs Herbert worked at Morris Motors building aircraft.

After raising son Paul, she worked at Pressed Steel in the accounts department for more than 10 years.

Her husband passed away in July 1989, aged 79.

Mrs Herbert is a mother-of-one, has three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren Son Paul Herbert, 69, from Lyneham Road, Bicester, said the family were proud to see his mum turn 100 in her own home.

He said: “It’s something of a milestone for her. After Dad died we expected her to follow suit but she has laboured on in there and been fiercely independent. It’s quite something.

“She has been in that house since it was built. She’s the last original occupant.

“She has seen people come and go and how things have changed in the street.”