MANY parents may worry about their teenage children spending too much time on the computer.

But not Aaron Sabin’s family.

Because instead of playing online games with his friends, the 13-year-old spends his time helping out others with their computer issues.

The teenager, who has oral dyspraxia, a form of speech impediment, has started a website to help disabled people make better use of their computers.

The Icknield Community College pupil from Chinnor said: “We provide free, impartial technology advice and support to people with disabilities.

“It is our aim to empower people with disabilities to help them communicate and increase their independence.”

He added: “We offer advice and fix their computer for free.”

Aaron said he was inspired to set up the website to help others with disabilities.

He said: “It’s something close to my heart, I’ve got a disability myself so I just wanted to help others who have disabilities.”

The website, Computer Tech Support, offers to fix people’s computers remotely, so they don’t have to take it anywhere to be fixed. It also offers advice to them on how to use their computer, an idea Aaron came up with himself.

He said: “All my family asks me for help with computer problems. I’ve only had a computer since last year and I’m really getting into computers now.”

The website has already helped people and now Aaron is looking for someone to answer the 24/7 helpline when he is busy or at school.

He said: “The website is doing great and we’re getting a lot of visitors.

“Now we need some computer experts to help out with fixing computers and we need to try and get call centres to answer our live chat.

“Hopefully this will just get bigger and bigger.”

His mum Corainne Richardson said: “We are so proud of him, he’s doing everything all by himself.

“He came up with the idea and we think it’s brilliant. He’s always sat doing something on his computer.”