SCRAPPING a ban on cyclists in Oxford’s Queen Street would help create an easier east-west route through the city, council bosses hope.

Oxford City Council wants to lift the daytime block on Cycling along Queen Street as part of its £800,000 Cycling City scheme.

The plans are intended to create a quicker cycle route between East Oxford, the railway station and out to West Oxford.

The city and county councils are now discussing the plan and Colin Cook, the city council’s board member for city development, said: “I think cyclists will find it useful to be able to use Queen Street.

“It is of course important to create this route from the east of Oxford to the west.

“We need to encourage more people to use their bikes and it is important that they are able to get through to city easily.”

But Sushila Dhall of Oxford Pedestrian’s Association had reservations about the plan.

She said: “It is very difficult for pedestrians if they have toddlers with them or if they are elderly and cannot get out of the way when cyclists speed along what they think is a pedestrian street. We would hope that cyclists would cycle slowly and bear in mind that not everyone will see or hear them coming.

“Pedestrians should have priority as the most vulnerable road users.”

Mr Cook said: “Buses are still able to use Queen Street but it is important that they are sensitive to the needs of the pedestrians.”

Funds for the city council’s cycling scheme would come from a number of different places, with £300,000 spent over four years from its capital budget.

Another £500,000 would come from section 106 money, paid to the authority by developers.

The council will also be spending £10,000 a year over four years from its revenue budget.