A HIGHLY collectable 1960s model train set worth hundreds of pounds is among a haul of unusual items found under a hedge in North Oxford.

Police are trying to track down the owner of the set, which was found at The Cherwell School, in Marston Ferry Road, last month.

It was part of an eclectic mix of items discovered by the school caretaker, including ladies’ hats, a Dell computer and some cups and saucers.

Now neighbourhood police are hoping Oxford Mail readers can help return them to their owner.

Pc Steven Pedley said: “There’s a right mix of stuff. It’s a real mystery.

“I don’t know if they have been stolen, because I’m sure someone would have recognised the worth.”

The trains are part of a Hornby Dublo electric train set, extremely popular with collectors since they were released in 1938.

A receipt found in one of the boxes shows they were bought at a shop in Banbury Road in 1960 for 15 shillings and six pence.

Pc Pedley said the models had clearly been lovingly looked after.

He said: “I have seen auctions where these type of trains have been sold for around £100.

“The whole set I would estimate to be worth around £1,000.

“It’s a shame, because someone had clearly looked after them but the rain has damaged the boxes slightly.

“I did have a Hornby set when I was younger, but it would have been a bit older than this!”

Ivan Cadge, of the Abingdon & District Model Railway Society, said the trains were highly collectable and could be worth more.

Mr Cadge said: “These appear to have been part of a collection. From the photos they look in very good condition and there is an added bonus they are boxed.

“It is difficult to put a price on it but the fact that the original boxes are with it would suggest that each package may be worth between £100 and £200, maybe more.”

Call Pc Pedley on 101 if you have any information.