THIEVES chopped off part of a goat’s horn with an axe during a raid on an small-holding.

The tame rare breed, which is particularly friendly to humans, was found by her owner Derek Turner covered in blood the next morning.

Mr Turner said his Iveco tipper lorry which had been parked at the site, in Blackthorn Road, near Launton, £3,000-worth of steel and tools and diesel were stolen sometime between 8pm on Monday and 9am on Tuesday. Two tractors and buildings at the 20-acre site were also damaged.

Mr Turner, 59, believed the total bill would be about £10,000.

He said: “They attacked an animal and cut its horn off.

“I think she had gone up to them, all the goats are friendly and hand-tame.

“Someone took a swing at her with a chopper or an axe they had stolen from my shed.

“When I got there on Tuesday morning she was covered in blood all down one side. She looked terrible.”

The goat, which should recover, is one of 67 at the site.

It is believed to be the largest private herd of her breed in the country.

Mr Turner said he had tried to protect his property with security lighting, cameras and an alarm.

The service engineer, from Launton, added: “I have got to the stage where I’m thinking of giving it up.”