CAN you help us find a happy couple from Witney who released balloons to mark their engagement?

The balloons, including an engagement ring and a heart, were released from Colwell Drive yesterday – only to turn up 22 miles away at Chilton near Didcot by 8.30pm.

They were spotted by Eloise Martin as she walked with her Cavapoo, Leo. The 15-year-old, who placed them in a tall bush in the hopes that winds would carry them further still, is eager to let the couple know how far the balloons travelled.

Written on the balloon was the date they were released (’16.07.17’), a postcode (‘OX28 5NJ Witney, Oxon, England’) and a question (‘Where have I landed?’).

Eloise said: “There was no house number so I thought the Oxford Mail might be able to get a message out there so the couple would know how far they had travelled.”

Releasing balloons to mark a special occasion dates back decades, similar to the sky lantern ceremony of Chinese tradition.

Many balloons released free into the skies don’t stand much of a chance. Helium balloons are claimed to reach a height of anywhere up to 10 kilometres, but once at that height they can expand, freeze and burst suddenly.

It is, however, possible for a balloon, under the right circumstances, to reach equilibrium, and remain suspended in the air for some time, until its helium is gradually released.

Do you know the couple who released these balloons? We'd love to speak to them. Email or call 01865 425460.