THE manager of a pre-school that put children at risk has blamed 'bad weather' for a scathing Ofsted report.

The education watchdog rated Rose Hill Pre-school in Ashhurst Way 'inadequate' – the lowest rating – following an inspection last month.

Inspectors said in some instances children playing in the school garden were not watched by staff, who had their backs turned, and that some were simply left ‘wandering about’.

The report added that management was ‘ineffective’ and lacked understanding of their roles.

Inspectors said in the report: “Children’s safety is significantly compromised.

“The manager, who is the designated lead for safeguarding, fails to recognise signs that children are at risk of harm.

"She lacks knowledge to carry out her role effectively and fails to support staff to safeguard children.

“She is unaware of what may disqualify a person from working with children.”

Ofsted also found teaching at the pre-school, which has 20 children on its roll, fell below expected standards.

In response to the report, manager Linda Jedynowicz dismissed the concerns and instead blamed the poor weather and ‘one bad day’ for the grading.

She said: “It was an awful day. It was the day where it was absolutely chucking it down so the children could not go outside.

“It was a horrendous day and the most awful day I have had here.

“The report was all out of context. Our parents have read it and we have spoken to them.

“They have told us they aren’t worried at all.”

“I feel that the children are engaged and they are challenged.

“If Ofsted came back today or tomorrow they would see it is completely different to what was in that report.”

The school was previously ‘good’ following an inspection in September 2014.

In the latest report inspectors added: “The quality of teaching is inconsistent.

“The ineffective deployment of staff means that children frequently spend long periods without the support they need and they do not engage in purposeful play.

“Staff deployment is ineffective and places children’s safety and well-being at risk, particularly in the garden.

“Staff gather insufficient information from parents to support children’s ongoing health needs. Staff fail to store all children’s records confidentially.”

Oxfordshire county councillor for Rose Hill and Littlemore Gill Sanders called the report 'disturbing.'

She said: “Whatever they are providing if it’s not adequate it’s really not good enough.

“Our children deserve to go to an adequate school and if they are not doing the job properly we should say to them they should improve.

“It’s really, really sad they should go from good in just a few years to now not being adequate. It is very disappointing.

“Our children deserve to have good provision.”

Oxford city councillor for Rose Hill Ed Turner added: “Clearly this is a very concerning report.

“From past experience I have found staff at the pre-school to be extremely committed, and I am sure they will be working hard to address the issues raised.”