AN unusual fitness craze is about to take off in Oxford as organisers hope to combine the stretching and relaxation of yoga with sipping a home-brewed beer.

‘Beer Yoga’ promises a one-hour yoga class incorporating both a range of yoga moves while enjoying a cold beer from the stores of Oxford’s Tap Social Brewery.

Open to everyone from complete beginners to advanced classes the very first class will take place on July 12 at Tap Social Brewery, North Hinksey.

Instructor and organiser Becky Varey said that the craze had taken off in Berlin where it first began, and that her event was the second UK city to try it, after London which launched the very first ‘Beer Yoga’ this week.

The 32-year old said: “The idea is that holding a beer in your hand while you do yoga, it is cold and you can feel its cold and its like a sensory experience.

“It might not be as athletic as normal yoga as you will be holding a bottle of beer.

“It becomes quite mindful and helps you relax and chill out but also I am trying to make yoga more accessible.

“So my motto is that yoga is for everybody. Yoga can seem a bit elitist and also seeing all the pictures of very bendy people can put people off.

“So I am trying to make it more fun which will bring more people that might not necessarily try it. Its about getting rid of the stigma.”

She said that so far she had sold half of the 50 tickets she had available and she was confident it would be a sell-out.

She added: “The brewery will be staying open afterwards so people can turn it into a social event.

“It is a one-off at the moment. We are tentatively trying it out first and seeing what response there is and how well it goes.”

The event will be held on Wednesday July 12 at Tap Social Brewery.

Tickets are £12 which includes a beer and are booked at