A 'NARCISSISTIC' ex-police employee stalked his former mistress on her journeys home after colleagues leaked details of her whereabouts, a court has heard.

'Spiteful' Nick Harverson pestered Charlotte Roberts, lurking on streets he knew she would travel down to continue his campaign of revenge against her, prosecutors allege.

Mrs Roberts, who is the executive assistant to Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld, shunned claims the run-ins were 'chance encounters', telling Oxford Magistrates' Court she was convinced she was being followed.

Taking the stand yesterday, the witness revealed she was left feeling 'scared' on one occasion adding: "He knew what time I would be finishing work. I think somebody who he was in contact with from work told him what time I would be leaving."

But Richard Davies, defending, put it to Mrs Roberts that she had 'no evidence' to support her claims former colleagues had tipped-off Harverson, adding: "I say this is just a bit of fanciful thinking."

Mrs Roberts replied: "No it's not."

Former Thames Valley Police employee Harverson, of Hollow Furlong, Cassington, denies stalking Ms Roberts after their steamy 18-month affair broke down last October.

The married man is alleged to have repeatedly hounded his ex-mistress to take him back, bombarding her with WhatsApp messages and making threats.

Mother-of-two Mrs Roberts claims the 58-year-old followed her on at least three occasions as she was driving through Cassington, heading towards her Carterton home.

Harverson was loitering in a layby on the A40 while on his mobile, staring at her car as she drove past at about 1.30pm around December 13 last year, the witness said.

The defendant was then spotted standing at the side of a road, when Mrs Roberts stopped at traffic lights at about 1.15pm on December 19, the court heard.

Harverson was also 'purposefully' waiting for her along the same route the following day, tailing behind her in his car before turning around, the prosecution alleged.

Mrs Roberts, who was travelling home from her workplace at the TVP headquarters in Kidlington each time she spotted Harverson, added: "The constant text messages and the waiting on the side of the roads was distressing.

"I just felt really vulnerable and I did not want to be on my own. I wasn't sleeping and I was shaking quite a lot, which I still am."

During the trial, the court heard Harverson would splash out on 'expensive' gifts for his mistress, forking out thousands during their illicit encounters and allegedly handing her £100 towards the rent of her Bluebell Way flat.

But Mrs Roberts was adamant she did not want his cash, adding: "Nick would like to buy things just to make sure I had enough in the fridge. But this was a controlling way of being in a relationship. I was not with him for his money."

After being quizzed by Mr Davies about a sordid text she sent, Mrs Roberts admitted she had sexual encounters with three other men during her affair with the defendant.

She went on to confess Harverson, who was made redundant from his role as head of corporate support at the force, also paid for £120 tickets to Rewind Festival, where she cheated on him during their affair.

Her neighbour Julia Green told the court Harverson was 'narcissistic, selfish and vengeful' and had forced his mistress to become a nervous wreck after constantly pestering her.

Harverson denies stalking without fear or alarm or distress between November 16 and December 22 last year.

The trial continues.