THE ADOPTED son of a hospice founder who thumped his friend with a champagne bottle after kicking a kebab out of his hands on Christmas Eve has been jailed.

Kojo Ritchie held his head in shame, rubbing his eyes with his fingers, as he was yesterday jailed for two years after attacking Perry Webb with the ‘pretty fearsome’ weapon.

The 29-year-old, who was adopted by Helen and Douglas House founder Sister Frances Dominica, spent Christmas Day last year in the cells following the alcohol-fuelled assault.

Ritchie banged on the door of Mr Webb’s girlfriend’s house, helping himself to whiskey after being let in by his partner’s mother, who was also a family friend, at about 2.30am.

Mr Webb returned to the house, and was eating a kebab when Ritchie kicked it away, challenging him to a fight.

Ritchie, who had 24 convictions for 48 offences, became agitated when Mr Webb tried calming him, kicking his victim to the legs and punching his jaw, prosecutor Michael Roques said.

He bashed Mr Webb over his head with the bottle, leaving him with a wound which needed staples.

Oxford Crown Court heard Ritchie, who was born in Ghana, was ‘truly sorry’ for the attack, claiming he drank after not being allowed to see his children. Ritchie, of Clarks House Bail Hostel, Clarks Row, Oxford, admitted unlawful wounding.