BETTER Leisure, which runs West Oxfordshire’s sports centres for the district council, has joined forces with the Oxfordshire Sports Partnership to encourage more women to take part in sport and get regular exercise.

Across Oxfordshire, nearly half of the female population are classed as inactive. Though this is slightly below the national average, the two groups aim to make a change for the better.

The Windrush Leisure Centre in Witney and Carterton and Chipping Norton Leisure Centres will be hosting Go Active Get Healthy and Active Women swimming initiatives to encourage more people in the community to exercise.

The project involves low-cost sessions in swimming, an exercise which offers many health benefits, raising the heart rate and providing a full-body workout.

The initiative runs until the end of this month. Anyone interested in taking part can purchase a voucher that offers a month of unlimited half-price swimming membership for £14.50.

Better Leisure’s community sports officer, Rod Noble, said: “The Oxfordshire Sports Partnership has made good progress, but there’s still a way to go and we’re delighted to give them our support and offer this initiative.

“Swimming is a great way of keeping fit and can be very sociable.”