USING bits of floor to make sculptures could seem off-the-wall, but at a new art show, it is very much on-the-wall.

Artwork made from bits of studio floor are on display at Modern Art Oxford in Patricia L. Boyd’s new exhibition.

Every sculpture that makes up the Metrics display is veneered with a 5mm layer of timber lifted from the floor of her studio in London.

Visitor assistant at Modern Art Oxford Mohamed Bishara said the unusual source of the sculptures interested visitors.

He said: “I think the exhibition is excellent. It is unique and I find it very interesting, as do the visitors.

“It’s been extremely popular and I think it will continue to draw people in.”

The forms of the sculptures are derived from various types of furniture found in cafes and offices in the area surrounding Ms Boyd’s studio.

Metrics runs until August 2 at the Pembroke Street venue.



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