A POLICE operation to stop speeding motorists caught three drivers every two minutes breaking a 20mph limit – racking up a potential £20,000 worth of fines.

Police were stationed at St Giles and Morrell Avenue to catch the speeding.

A total of 197 people – 155 in St Giles and 42 in Morrell Avenue – were caught breaking the 20mph limit during a two hour period from 8am yesterday.

Roads policing sergeant Chris Appleby said: “I’m disappointed, this is not something we want to see.”

The operation was launched after new enforcement action began on Monday, where drivers caught speeding by 4mph or more will face a £100 fine and three points on their licence.

Alternatively, some drivers will be able to pay £95 to attend a new three-and-a-half hour awareness course and not have any licence endorsements.

Sgt Appleby said: “Despite regular speed enforcement operations St Giles and Morrell Avenue, Oxford has continued to see motorists exceeding the 20mph limit and as a result of community complaints, they have been selected as the locations to launch the new course.

“It’s not just about fining motorists, but educating them and for the first time we will be offering the opportunity to motorists to attend a national course. I think education always is a good option to try and improve people’s behaviour.

“A lot of our drivers pass their tests when they are young and they never take further training. We want to prevent collisions occurring and people getting injured and killed and not just fining people all the time.”

Councillor Susanna Pressel watched the operation on St Giles. She said: “This street is awful. I get continual complaints from people about St Giles.

“Drivers should get into the habit that these speed limits mean what they say. They can’t simply been ignored.”