BOB and Ann Adams don’t want to tempt fate by organising a party for their diamond wedding anniversary today.

The couple from Horspath did not have a honeymoon because Mr Adams left for Germany on national service three days after they were married.

Fifty years later they had to cancel a Mediterranean cruise for their Golden Wedding anniversary after Mrs Adams broke her foot.

Mrs Adams said: “We didn’t want to temp fate, so we’re not making a big thing of it – just family dropping in.”

The couple met in 1949 when they were both 16.

Ann Druce was working at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford when Bob the apprentice electrician turned up to fix a power cut.

She asked: “How long will it take to fix?”

He said: “I could make it 10 minutes if you make us a cup of tea”, and, in the words of the future Mrs Adams, “that was that”.

When Mr Adams was told he would have to do his national service in Germany in 1954, he asked if he would be able to get leave in November to get married.

His padre replied: “You’re going home for two weeks in June, I suggest you do it then.”

So the couple threw their wedding together in just a fortnight, married at St Clement’s Church and had their reception in the nearby Port Mahon pub.

Their first daughter, Angela, was born in 1958 and Rachel came 10 years later.

Mr Adams, 80, worked as an electrician at Hilluptons garage on George Street, Harwell science campus, Unipart and Oxford University.

He said: “Ann has backed me in everything I have wanted to do and she is very interested in all the sports I do.”

Mrs Adams, 80, said: “It takes a lot of love. He supports me as well.”

The couple now have three grandsons, Paul, Mark and James, who all live in Oxford, two great granddaughters and one great grandson.