UNIVERSITY communities in Oxford are among the most crime-free in the country, according to the latest police figures.

The statistics, collected by to raise awareness about crimes against students, show that the University of Oxford ranked the sixth safest and Oxford Brookes 10th.

The figures show there were 13.47 crimes per 1,000 people within three miles of the centre of the University of Oxford between May last year and April this year, and 14.02 per 1,000 people within the same proximity to Oxford Brookes University’s main campus.

There were 4.71 burglaries per 1,000 near Oxford University, 0.57 robberies and 8.20 sex crimes, while near Oxford Brookes University there were 4.65 burglaries, 0.60 robberies, and 8.77 sex crimes.

The safest university was said to be in Buckingham with 7.22 crimes per 1,000 people in the same period.

The statistics published yesterday were compiled using police figures for the communities near about 140 universities in England and Wales.

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