AS proposals come, a song is one of the most romantic ways to do it.

Chris Briscoe took to the stage at Wittfest last Friday to pop the question to his other half Maxine Ford.

And the couple, who live in Clifton Hampden, came full circle as The Plough, where the music festival is held in Long Wittenham, was where they first got together 13 years ago.

Ms Ford, 63, said she was gobsmacked when she realised what he was asking.


Maxine Ford

She said: “He has always said he didn’t want to get married and I’ve even asked him a couple of times and he’s said ‘no’.

“The music club always opens the festival by singing songs and I wasn’t feeling too well but Chris said I needed to listen to his song.

“He was singing about the festival over the years and the last verse was about me and he just asked me to marry him.”

And she said geologist Mr Briscoe, 68, is overwhelmed by the attention they have been getting: “I told him if he was going to do it in public he should expect this.”

They haven’t yet set an official date for the wedding.