ORGANISERS of a new eco-festival at Hill End nature centre this weekend are expecting up to 300 people to arrive by bike.

Nicholas O’Brien, 27, founded Tandem Festival with Nina Brown, 23, this year to create a festival that relied less on electricity.

They are encouraging people to travel there by bike and have called on acoustic artists to perform.

Mr O’Brien said: “We have already had one volunteer arrive from Belgium who cycled all the way here.

“And another group from Maastricht [in the Netherlands], arrived early on Wednesday morning.

“We aren’t sure yet how many people are going to turn up by bike but we are prepared with bike racks for 300. Groups have already set off from London, Manchester and Bristol and most I have spoken to are coming by bike.”

The green-themed celebration, based off Eynsham Road between Botley and Farmoor, marks the end of the first Oxford Low Carbon Week.

It begins at 5pm today and closes after midnight on June 22. It will feature acoustic performances from European folk, jazz and afro beat musicians.