CARS in Iffley Fields will soon be bearing posters saying ‘My owner lives on this street. Do you?’ in an attempt to stop commuters parking in the area.

The Iffley Fields Residents’ Association parking action group is giving the leaflets out for Stratford Street residents to put on their car windscreens.

The group’s co-chairman Christopher Terry, who lives in Stratford Street, said: “There’s been growing tension and frustration because of the parking in recent months.

“We have designed a small poster that we will put in our car windows – initially just along Stratford Street – to gently nudge people to park elsewhere rather than blocking our streets.”

The parking action group previously ran a survey of Iffley Fields residents, with half of respondents saying they would consider some restrictions, potentially including a controlled parking zone (CPZ).

Residents believe the parking problems are caused by the introduction of another CPZ on the other side of Iffley Road.

The Magdalen Road North zone was introduced in 2012 after five years of consultations and delays.

Mr Terry believes commuters are now parking in Iffley Fields instead, particularly in Stratford Street, and then cycling or walking into central Oxford.

The 62-year-old said: “We have tried to set up a meeting with Oxfordshire County Council, hopefully for early July, to explore what our options are.

“We want to work with the council, rather than bang the table demanding things immediately.

“In my opinion the best thing to do would be make it so that in the middle of the day you can only park there for two-to-three hours if you’re not a resident.

“We’re aware that even if the council agree, there could be quite a long time before anything is done.

“We want to keep the interest up among residents, so these posters will also raise awareness of the problem.”

David Williams, Oxfordshire county councillor for Iffley Fields, said: “They are trying to assess which cars belong to people who are residents and which belong to commuters.

“That way we can get data and work out how many spaces making it residents-only would create. That’s the objective.”

Council spokesman Martin Crabtree said: “We are aware of the work the residents are doing at the moment and are always willing to discuss concerns and remain open to suggestions.

“However, at present there is no funding available to carry out further parking reviews in the area.”

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