MORE than 100 people took part in Saturday’s Oxford Pride parade, celebrating the city’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.


The parade set off from Ship Street shortly after noon, before making its way through the city centre to Oxpens for live entertainment.

Mum Rose McAfee, and her partner Polly took their 10-month-old twins Pearl and Wolfetone to the event. Translator Polly, 40, said: “We’re really happy to be out with them. They don’t know the difference at the moment but for us it’s very moving.”

Rose, 34, added: “When they are our age hopefully we won’t need gay pride. It’ll just be the same as being straight.”

Various groups and political parties supported the event. Oxford East MP Andrew Smith said: “We always support this event. This year has had a very good turnout and a very good reaction – as it always does – from the people of Oxford.”

To view our recording of the march click below: 

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