THE making of clothes came to life for youngsters with a weaving session at the Pitt Rivers Museum last week.

Children got to have a go at weaving both fabric and paper with a variety of simple looms at the workshop.

Jess Myring, a genetic counsellor who works with parents to figure out if their children will have genetic diseases, went to the session with her two children, Grace, three, and Theo, 18 months.

Mrs Myring said: “We quite often go to the drop-in sessions because it’s a really nice way for the kids to do something in the museum and get involved.

“They always bring in some of the museum’s artefacts and it makes it more interesting for them.”

Mrs Myring, from Headington, added: “The weaving was really nice. There was a really over-sized loom which Grace loved. She wasn’t so interested in the smaller ones though.

“The lady who ran it was great. She understood that the kids need the freedom to do it their way but still got the information across.”

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