YOUNGSTERS had some jungle fun getting up close and personal with a host of creepy- crawlies.

Jonathan Cleverly entertained children with his special animal encounter show Jonathan’s Jungle Roadshow at Barefoot Books, in Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford.

Geckos, spiders, snakes and millipedes took centre stage during the interactive show.

Nine-year-old Fern Chalmers said: “It was really fun, there were a lot of animals. I really enjoyed it.

“The animals weren’t scary at all.”

Fern picked a snake as her favourite.

She added: “I really like snakes and it was a really beautiful snake. It had really nice patterns on it.”

But she was pleasantly surprised after having a giant millipede crawl across her hand.

She said: “I was actually a bit scared. I don’t like centipedes and millipedes but it was really nice on my hand.

“It felt like a really soft hair brush across your hand. It was really quite tickly as well.”

Barefoot Books regularly holds children’s events including storytelling, arts and crafts, yoga and singalongs.

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