FRUSTRATION is mounting as there is no sign of promised parking spaces on a “nightmare” road in Greater Leys.

Drivers currently have problems trying to park at the Leys Health Centre in Dunnock Way, and Oxford City Council said they would convert an adjacent green into more parking.

But members of Blackbird Leys Parish Council have criticised the lack of information and action on the plan.

Chairman Gordon Roper said: “I thought they were trying to get more by the end of the year but I’ve not heard anything recently.”

He criticised the city council for “dragging their heels”.

He said: “Instead of getting on with them there are always delays. Let’s just get them done.”

Northfield Brook councillor and board member for housing Scott Seamons said that plans will “move forward” this month when he talks to planning officers.

He said: “We’ve put about £80,000 into the budget for this. We’re going to extend the parking at the health centre onto the grass area next to it. There should be about 20 more spaces, which is needed.“ Blackbird Leys county councillor Val Smith said: “Parking at the health centre is a nightmare. You play hopscotch with the cars.”

The issue was branded an “urgent problem” last year after a quarter of health centre patients said it was their top priority in the Patient Participation Survey.

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