PLANS for an over-60s group have been given a boost by a community fundraising drive at a supermarket.

Florence Park Community Association received £350 from Temple Cowley’s Sainsbury’s as part of its Community Budget grants.

The association wants to start the weekly get-together for people over 60 at the community centre in Cornwallis Road.

The money was raised by the supermarket through sales of its Bag for Life in its store.

Chairwoman of the community association Stella Bell said: “Our plan is to run a weekly get-together for the older population in our community. Florence Park is a great place to live, and we want to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy our facilities at the centre.”

The money will go towards subsidising the lunches at the weekly gatherings, as part of the criteria for donations is they should be to charities and charitable organisations that promote healthy eating and active lifestyles in the community.

Sainsbury’s will also be providing a member of staff each week to help with food and drinks and to clear up afterwards.

Store manager Lewis Pancott said: “We’re delighted to be back here in Cowley, and working with the local community.”

Mrs Bell added: “Lewis and the other Sainsbury’s staff have been so generous and we’re delighted to receive this gift of funding for our planned activities with older people in our community.”

The community association is this year celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Florence Park estate being built.

It has a number of events going on over the coming months.

Sainsbury’s has already donated ingredients for the centre’s cookie and pizza-making activities for children, which took place last summer. People from the community centre sang carols at the store over Christmas to raise money for its work in the community, raising almost £130, and during the Easter period the group was again asked to sing in store, raising another £50.

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