A WOMAN who said she was sexually assaulted by two men has been accused by a barrister of not being able to keep her story straight.

Yesterday the complainant – who was pregnant at the time of the incident – was cross examined in Oxford Crown Court and repeatedly denied lying.

Abigail Husbands, prosecuting, said the woman was assaulted twice after waking up on a sofa in a shared house in Cowley Road, Oxford, in the early hours of December 17, 2011.

Bilal Ahmed, 27, and Mustafa Ahmed, 26, are on trial accused of sexual assault. Bilal’s cousin Zeeshan Ahmed has been charged with perverting the course of justice.

Miss Husbands told the jury Mustafa, from London, met the girl and a friend at the Bullingdon Arms pub in Cowley Road and accompanied them to the house in a taxi.

The barrister said Mustafa was the first to abuse her when she fell asleep on a sofa. After he left the house, Bilal also committed a sexual assault.

But defence barrister Colin Aylott, representing Bilal Ahmed, from Maidenhead, yesterday told the woman she was wrong about what happened.

He said: “The man I represent did not in fact sexually assault you.

“And on that night anything sexual that happened, whether or not you conse-nted, was with the man you met at the Bullingdon Arms.”

Mr Aylott added: “When you got there you and Mustafa went to the sofa and, if I can put it this way, you got quite intimate.”

The witness replied: “No that’s not what happened.”

The barrister said she had given a different account of the abuse to police officers when they arrived on the scene.

She told him: “I was distressed at the time the police arrived and I imagine I was confused because of my distressed state.”

Mr Aylott read out a detailed account of the abuse she gave to a doctor, which contained acts she had not told police about.

He said: “The reason for that was because plainly you had forgotten the account you had given to the doctor, because it wasn’t true.”

But the complainant said: “No that’s not right.”

The barrister added: “You can’t keep your story straight can you? And it had been exposed by what you told the doctor on one occasion and told the police on another.”

She told him: “I wouldn’t have lied, no.”

Bilal’s cousin Zeeshan, 28, of Palmer Road, Wood Farm, Oxford, is alleged to have sent her a Blackberry phone message saying she would be shot if she did not stop talking to the police.

But his barrister Jeannie Mackie suggested to the complainant that she had not actually received any such messages from her client.

The witness replied: “I received Blackberry messages from him.”

All three defendants deny the charges.

  • The trial continues.

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