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Nick Clegg's Oxford question and answer forum, hosted by the Oxford Mail

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    skivvy 1:10pm Tue 20 May 14

    I've got no faith in any of them. They only do things to benefit themselves. We mean nothing to them.

    Score: 5
    Sid Hunt 1:55pm Tue 20 May 14

    'Deputy Prime Minister' - you would get more sense from Deputy Dawg.

    Score: 5
    John Lamb 4:28pm Tue 20 May 14

    Does Cleggy think that it's ok for an elected prime minister of this nation to be allowed to join secret societies (Bilderberg Group etc) and then refuse to answer anay questions about it when asked in parliament?

    Score: 2
    Christine Hovis 4:27pm Tue 20 May 14

    That's where their banners are! I've hardly seen any out in Oxford - a few in the leafier parts of North Oxford but almost nothing in Headington or East Oxford.

    Score: 4
    Oxonian 6:25pm Tue 20 May 14

    "It's not a bad record, he [Clegg] says, talking about the coalition record of the Lib Dems."

    Because the Lib Dems went into a coalition with the Tories, they enabled the Tories to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Not a bad record? Clegg must be having a laugh!

    Score: -2
    Quentin Walker 8:20pm Tue 20 May 14

    He certainly pushed the boat out here, no holds barred - 38 minutes taking just 10 questions and giving non-committal answers.

    Score: 4
    Jameslouis 8:44pm Tue 20 May 14

    Thank god this Anti English politically Correct Freak will with his anti English party never be in power, thank god otherwise we would be overrun with immigrants and we would be the minority if either Liberals or Labour got in power

    Score: -2
    Sandy Wimpole-Smythe 6:24am Wed 21 May 14

    And these were the best questions a city, supposedly full of intellectual people, could come up with or was it that these were the only questions allowed ?

    Score: 2

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