A CHARITY football match in Barton that attracted hundreds of people and raised £1,900 is to become an annual event.

Organised by Louise Gomersaul, Sandra Lygo, Natasha Partlett and Mandy Ayres, the game pitted two teams of mums in fancy-dress – Cave women and 118 characters from the TV advert – against each other.

The event, which also included a raffle, tombola and other activities, attracted scores of residents, with money going to Barton United Football Club, the host, and Cancer Research UK.

It was held on the ninth anniversary of the death of Chris Lygo – Ms Lygo and Mrs Gomersaul’s father – who died from pancreatic cancer.

Mum-of-five Ms Lygo, from Harold Close, said the day had been a great success.

The 39-year-old said: “It was a lovely day and people I was speaking to from the estate were surprised by how many people turned out. It was great to bring everyone together and do something as a community.

“The whole thing started off as just something we were talking about doing and then we decided to just do it.”

“It was quite emotional at the end of it. We were touched by all the people who came to say hello and give us a hug.”

Mrs Gomersaul, 36, said: “We are definitely hoping to do it again.

“It was more successful than we ever imagined it would be.”

Next year the charity supported is likely to remain Cancer Research UK, they added.

Of the money raised, about £400 is being donated to Barton United Football Club.

Jason Partlett, who attended the day as a spectator and is married to organiser Mrs Partlett, said the event boasted the biggest turnout of any community event in Barton he had ever been to.

He said: “It was a great day and a fantastic game to watch.

“I think they expected some support, but not the hundreds that ended up coming.

“Credit to the ladies, they worked tirelessly on it and did all the organisation.”

The match finished 4-2 to the Cave women against the 118 women.

The date of next year’s event has not yet been announced.

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