EAST Oxford residents are asking to meet with Oxfordshire County Council in a bid to tackle their parking problems.

Residents in Iffley Fields have carried out a survey into whether their neighbours would like to see parking restrictions introduced.

The survey shows a clear majority of them believe the parking situation in the area has got worse recently – with half saying they would consider some restrictions, potentially including a controlled parking zone (CPZ).

County councillor for Iffley Fields David Williams said: “I am now going to approach county officers about this.

“People want answers before we get any idea if they are in favour of a CPZ or not.

“The idea is we suggest solutions to the problem rather than the county council doing so and that has gone down pretty well in the community.”

Parking problems in the area stem from the introduction of such a CPZ on the other side of Iffley Road.

The controversial Magdalen Road North zone was introduced in 2012 after five years of consultations and delays.

The county council had originally planned to introduce a Magdalen Road zone but this proved so divisive the authority eventually decided to divide the community itself – and proposed Magdalen Road North and Magdalen Road South zones.

While the north zone was introduced, the south zone proved so controversial it was put on hold and eventually dropped.

The council had feared parking from the north zone would be “displaced” into the south zone but instead this appears to have happened to Iffley Fields.

Fairacres Road resident Mark Piesing said: “Sometimes you cannot find a place to park.

“If you come home after 6pm then it’s going to be difficult to get a place and you have to park quite far away.

“But people are not too sure that permits are the way forward.

“They don’t necessarily solve the problem but just make money for the council.”

Warwick Street resident Amar Latif said: “There has been overspill from the new CPZ on the other side of Iffley Road and there has been a significant impact, particularly in those areas which are closer to it.

“People still feel that an old-fashioned CPZ is not the right solution for the area, so the next step will be to sit down with the county council and talk about what the limitations of a CPZ are and how we can overcome them.”

In a CPZ, residents have to pay £50 a year for a permit allowing them to park in the street outside their homes.

There are currently 25 such zones in Oxford and one in Botley, plus another four around the Kassam Stadium, which are enforced only on match days.

County council spokesman Owen Morton said: “Plans to introduce a CPZ in Iffley Fields – along with those now in place in the neighbouring Divinity Road and Magdalen Road North areas – were abandoned in 2009, following strong opposition from local residents.

“We are always willing to discuss residents’ concerns and remain open to suggestions.

“However, at present there is no funding available to carry out further parking reviews in the area.”

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