STREETS which prioritise cyclists over motorists could be trialled in Oxford.

A new Government report suggests that “cycle streets” could ban overtaking on roads which are lightly trafficked but heavily used by cyclists.

They would also come with an advisory speed limit of 15mph, the report adds.

Oxfordshire County Council transport boss David Nimmo-Smith said it was something the council would consider.

He said: “It is an interesting concept and we can certainly throw it into the mix when we are looking at plans for Oxford.

“There will be roads that might be appropriate and others that are not, but obviously we have to keep the city open for business.”

Vice-chairman of cyclist group Cyclox Richard Mann said such streets were already commonplace in other European nations. He said: “We would very much support it, they have been very successful in places like Germany and the Netherlands.”

The Government’s consultation on the idea, and other new transport policies, runs until June 12.