EIGHT decades after joining the Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir, David ‘Haydn’ Cooper was centre stage once more as he joined in with a sing-song.

The 96-year-old was one of 22 residents at Witney’s Madley Park House care home treated to the performance by the choir.

He said: “I certainly enjoyed it. I just wish it had lasted longer.

“One thing I can say is it definitely was not as good as when I was in it! But the guys have come a long way.”

The choir was set up in 1928 by Welshmen who had moved to Oxford to work at William Morris’ car factory.

Welshman Mr Cooper, known to all as Haydn, was in the choir from the 1930s until the 1990s.

He was made choir president in 2003 and still serves in the role.

Mr Cooper moved to the care home about two years ago and told fellow residents about his involvement in the choir.

His son Dan Cooper and grandson, also called David Cooper, were in the audience and watched Mr Cooper join in singing with the 12-strong choir.

Songs at the performance, which took place last week, included Men of Harlech and Cwm Rhondda.

Activities co-ordinator Carly Willimont said: “As soon as Haydn arrived he would tell everyone he was a member of this choir and said it would be great to have them in.

“His son got involved and the choir said they would love to give a performance for him.

“Haydn’s face was a picture. He joined in and it was lovely to be able to see him smiling after he had been going on about the choir for so long.

“It was a very proud moment.”