Toddler Max Roozen, pictured, has been getting up close and personal with some feathered friends at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

The 23-month-old from Headington was fascinated by the life-like owl and was thrilled to get the chance to take part in arts and crafts activities at the museum on Park Road.

Mum Monika Roozen said: “I think he was quite fascinated by it. We did the under 5s sessions and the owl baby session.

“He was interested in everything there from seeing pictures of owls and doing the creative sessions around owls.

“It was quite fascinating for them to see and touch the feathers and see how it really feels. He really enjoyed it. They did a fantastic job at involving children and keeping them interested.”

Keen blogger and mother-of-three Mrs Roozen added: “He loves discovering the world and this was a way for them to discover the owls and play.”

Interpretation and Education officer Rachel Parle said: “It was a really enjoyable morning.

“We read owl stories and we stroked real owl feathers. We also made masks for them to take home. I was very pleased with how it all went.”