TAKING toys from little ones can often reduce them to tears but two girls from Bladon decided to sell theirs to raise money for charity.

Four-year-old Martha Lockey and her school friend Poppy Wiseman, five, raised £130 for the Lymphoma Association by selling their toys and books.

They also sold cakes baked by parents at Bladon Primary School, which they attend, at their stall in Park Close.

The girls made the decision after Paul Davis, 30, a friend of Martha’s family, was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Her grandmother, Lyn Molony, said: “They emptied their toy boxes and bookshelves. They said they wanted to raise money for poorly people, because they had a friend who has been very seriously ill.

“A couple who are neighbours came out and said they had both had lymphoma and donated £20 – they couldn’t get over what the girls had done.

“They also made posters to put through people’s doors and canvassed parents at school to make cakes. It was a lovely thing for two little ones to do.”

  • Martha’s father Peter Lockey took part in the Paris Marathon on April 6 to raise money for the charity.