HUNDREDS watched on in awe as stunt drivers blasted through flaming barricades and pulled off mid-air tricks at Court Place Farm.

The Extreme Stunt Show Live featured nine performers in monster trucks, cars, motorcycles and BMX displays at the Marsh Lane site in Oxford on Thursday.

And Peter Dobbs, 34, who drove his motorcycle through a blaze, said it was “all part of the job”.

Remembering the first time he ever did it, he said: “It was terrifying.

“I didn’t know what to expect or whether I was going to fall off or break through on impact. It is like hitting a brick wall.

“But after that first time I got a taste for the adrenalin rush and I have been doing it ever since.

“My girlfriend does worry about me, but she travels with us now, in case anything bad happens.”

Steve Flaherty, 52, who has been stunt driving since he was 12, drove a jeep. He said: “We do 120 shows all around the country and it is always good to come to Oxfordshire.”

At the end of the show, riders in the group attempted to pull off their best moves over a large jump.


David Wiggins, from Crawley, performing a superman stunt, is one of the top riders in Europe. Mr Flaherty said: “The superman is a very difficult move.”