TWO men have been sentenced at Oxford Crown Court for dealing cocaine and cannabis.

Clive Weatherhead, 44, and Tyrone Bartlett, 24, were arrested on August 13 last year driving away from McDonald’s near the Green Road roundabout off the A40 in Oxford.

Christopher Hewertson, prosecuting, said police searched their car and houses and discovered a range of drugs, scales, deal bags and cash.

Weatherhead, of Bonar Road, Headington, pleaded guilty to possessing £2,000 worth of cocaine, a Class A drug, with intent to supply.

Bartlett, of Iffley Road, Oxford, admitted the same charge in relation to cannabis, a Class B drug, worth £3,120.

Both men pleaded guilty to possessing smaller amounts of cocaine, cannabis and the Class C drug TFMPP.

Mr Hewertson said there was also about £6,000 in cash belonging to Weatherhead and £940 belonging to Bartlett found during the searches, as well as a number of suspicious text messages.

Jane Malcolm, defending Weatherhead, said her client had developed a cocaine addiction and lost his job so started selling drugs to make ends meet. She said: “He has never been in trouble before with the police and he knows that what he was doing is wrong.”

Bartlett’s barrister Malcolm Hawkes said the younger man also had a cocaine habit and was £10,000 in debt.

Judge Ian Pringle said it was “a matter of sadness” that at the age of 44, Weatherhead should find himself facing such a serious charge.

He sentenced him to three years in prison but said he would suspend Bartlett’s 16-month jail term.

Judge Pringle said the 24-year-old would have to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work and comply with a three-month electronically tagged curfew.