A PIECE of exercise equipment in a city park is being moved over concerns it would see people jump into flowers.

One of the four pieces of equipment will be moved 20 metres in Headington Hill Park, Oxford City Council confirmed.

It followed concerns from members of the Friends of Headington Hill, reported in The Oxford Mail last week.

Roy Darke, a city councillor for Headington Hill and Northway, said: “There was agreement all round to move the jump equipment sited by the park buildings in the south east corner which was nowhere near where agreed in December and was damaging the habitat of spring flowers.”

The “fit trail” is part of a wider investment to improve health and fitness in the city.

Mr Darke met the Friends to discuss concerns and said: “On a positive note the future role for the friends was accepted all round and ideas for improved drainage and other management work in the park was supported.”