A FEMALE Oxford radio presenter gave a “vulnerable” underage girl alcohol before having sex with her, a jury heard yesterday.

Forty-year-old Emma Stanfield – who denies three counts of sexual activity with a child and another of causing or inciting sexual activity with a child – is accused of knowing the girl was 15 after meeting her through a mutual friend last May.

Yesterday, at Oxford Crown Court, prosecutor Michael Riley said Stanfield had stayed the night at a friend’s house in Blackbird Leys and started drinking vodka with her daughter the following day.

She asked the teenager if she liked other women.

The girl said she did not, but a friend did, Mr Riley told the jury.

Mr Riley said: “She said she was not interested in girls and in any case she was 16 and her friend was 15. She texted her friend and said: ‘There is a lady here who is giving me alcohol and cigarettes and I want you to come and see her.’”

He said the complainant, then aged 15, came over to the house and Stanfield told her she was 24, not 39.

In her first interview with police, on June 7 last year, the complainant said she had not been drinking, but in December admitted she had drunk about a quarter of a bottle of vodka.

Over the course of the afternoon the court was told the three continued drinking and Stanfield also went to present her radio show on community station OX105.

Mr Riley said: “The three of them went to the radio station for a short time and the two girls came back (by themselves) and (the complainant) put her friend to bed as she was so unwell.”

Stanfield returned to the house and the complainant said they then engaged in sexual acts.

In her second police interview, played to the court, the girl said they went back to Stanfield’s home in Chapel Street, East Oxford, where further sexual acts took place.

The teenager said: “We had conversations about me and her being in a relationship and I didn’t think that would happen because I’m 15 and she’s 24 and my mum would kick off.

“And she asked what would happen if she got arrested and I looked on my phone on the internet and it said she would go on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.”

She told the police more sexual acts took place after this discussion.

The teenager told the police: “It felt disgusting. I had done it before, but with someone who cared about me.”

The victim, now 16, told officers she initially lied about some of the details as she was worried her mother would find out she had been drinking and was not staying where she said she was.

Mr Riley said Stanfield knew the girl was just 15. He explained that Facebook messages were sent to the girl where Stanfield said a colleague of hers had asked her if she had sex with the girl he had seen.

She then responded in a message to the girl: ‘He thinks you’re 17, so that’s a relief. I didn’t say no but I didn’t say yes’.”

He added: “At the time she was a young person, the local authority had placed her with (relatives). Not only was she under 16, but she was also quite a vulnerable young girl.”

The trial continues.