A MONORAIL around Oxford might seem like a barmy enough idea but what about a cable car between East Oxford and Headington?

Last night a city councillor made the tongue-in-cheek proposal at a full meeting of Oxford City Council when asking whether the administration would support recent transport proposals by the leader of Oxfordshire County Council Ian Hudspeth.

Earlier this month Mr Hudspeth unveiled his transport vision, called Connecting Oxfordshire, which includes pedestrianising St Giles, a monorail on part of Oxford’s ring road and reopening the train line to Cowley.

Lib Dem city councillor Mark Mills asked: “In the light of county councillor Ian Hudspeth’s enthusiasm for an Oxfordshire monorail, would the administration be open to supporting other unconventional transport projects?

“For example, a cable car from East Oxford to Headington?”

City council leader Bob Price replied: “As the local planning authority, the city council would undoubtedly be willing to consider planning applications for any innovative transport infrastructure that will help to ease congestion and air pollution in the city.”

Craig Simmons, Green group leader, said the idea must be a late April Fool’s joke.

He said: “Suggesting that Oxford needs a cable car from East Oxford to Headington is barmy.”