A PETITION calling on Oxfordshire County Council to improve signs to prevent cyclists travelling the wrong way down a street has been handed in.

Residents in Rectory Road have signed the document which asks the council to emphasise more clearly an instruction for cyclists to not enter the road from the Cowley Road end.

The street is one-way, with traffic flowing from St Clement’s Street.

Tom Hayes, who is standing for Labour in Oxford City Council’s May 22 elections in St Clements ward, gave the petition in to council leader Ian Hudspeth last Tuesday.

Mr Hayes said residents had raised concerns with him the fact that cyclists were travelling the wrong way down the road, putting both their safety and the safety of pedestrians at risk.

Of the 72 houses in the street, 50 people signed the petition.

Oxfordshire County Council has confirmed it will put an illuminated “no entry” sign on the road and will repaint worn road markings to help combat the problem.

It hopes to complete the work by the end next month.

Mr Hayes said: "Many residents have been telling me that cyclists going the wrong way down Rectory Road is a huge safety concern.

“I've talked to residents, door-to-door, collecting signatures to my petition calling on Oxfordshire County Council to improve the signs to emphasise to cyclists not to enter Rectory Road from Cowley Road.”

Oxfordshire County Council spokesman Martin Crabtree said: “We were aware of concerns on Rectory Road and we are happy that residents have been in touch with us.

“The good news is that we had already placed an order for an illuminated ‘no entry’ sign and for the accompanying road markings to be repainted as they are worn.

“The works should be complete by the end of May and we will be happy to hear from residents about whether they have the desired effect.”