BOTLEY Road is again at a crawl this morning due to the closure of Park End Street in central Oxford.

However Abingdon Road, which was badly affected by the closure on Monday, is reportedly not too badly affected today.

Reader Jennie Bootham said her 20 minute journey from Botley to Beaumont Street had taken 50 minutes this morning.

She added: "I think they should change the phasing of the lights as when I was sat waiting by the station there was very little traffic in some of the other directions and it only let a few cars out from our way."

There are temporary traffic lights controlling Frideswide Square due to the closure of Park End Street.

There are also reports of traffic queuing in Oxpens and Hollybush Row leading up to the junction with Park End Street and in Hythe Bridge Street and Beaumont Street.

Thames Water has closed Park End Street because a fatberg - a collection of cooking oil and fat and other rubbish flushed down the drains - has caused the sewer to partially collapse. Thames Water believes it will take up to two weeks to complete its repairs.