FILM fans yesterday got a look at scenes being shot for a new movie based on the First World War memoirs of a nurse.

Testament of Youth tells the story of Vera Brittain, who postponed her studies at Oxford University during the war to serve as a nurse in London, Malta and France.

Yesterday scenes were shot in Oxford featuring actress Joanna Scanlan, best known for her role as Terri Coverley in TV satire The Thick of It.

Filming took place inside Merton College and members of the public got a glimpse of film crews and actors coming out into Merton Street.

Film spokesman Una Maguire said the movie was due to be released in cinemas next year, although a release date has not yet been confirmed.

She added: “Joanna Scanlan plays Vera Brittain’s Aunt Belle and has been on set in Oxford.

“The film crew will be in Oxford for another couple of days and will be at different locations around the city.”

Testament of Youth stars Alicia Vikander as Vera Brittain and Kit Harington as her fiance, Roland Leighton.