GIVE HER an A... give her an M...

Amelie Herbert, 11, was one of 25 youngsters who tried their hand at cheerleading yesterday.

The 24 girls and one boy finished the day at the Pauline Quirk Academy workshop at Wheatley Park School by showing their friends and families what they had learnt.

Amelie, from Iffley, who goes to The Manor Prep School in Abingdon, said she would definitely try cheerleading again.

She said: “I really like dancing and gymnastics, and it’s like a mixture of those.”

Academy principal Dee Thompson said: “It’s been a great success. Cheerleading is so different from the stuff we normally do.”

Academy drama teacher Kizzy Burt led the class, and her son Charlie Howlett, 10, was the one boy in attendance. He said: “It is fun and you can meet loads of friends.”