ONE lane at the southern end of Walton Street in Oxford will be closed to traffic from 4pm after a hole opened up in the road.

Oxfordshire County Council has said it will partially close the street at its junction with Beaumont Street and Worcester Place.

It has said this closure will be in place until further notice.

It is not connected to the closure in Park End Street, where work started this morning on a collapsed sewer, causing traffic chaos across the city.

A spokesman said: “Engineers from the county and city council have investigated the hole and decided that it is unsafe to run two-way traffic on the road for a prolonged period.

“We appreciate the inconvenience that this adds, but safety has to come first.

“Plans indicate that a foul sewer is located at that point and Thames Water will be carrying out an investigation. We hope to know more about the situation and what can be done once their investigation is complete.”

  • The county council initially said it was closing Walton Street both ways but has corrected that information.